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  • The "Why" of Restorative Practices in Spokane Public Schools

    Restorative Practices is an approach to promoting positive behaviors that focuses on understanding the conflict and how to repair the harm, rather than traditional discipline.
    This video outlines how it works in Spokane Public Schools.

    Uploaded Jul 18, 2018
  • Why open a school? To close a prison!

    Our kids are our future, and it's crucial they believe it themselves. That's why TED Fellow Nadia Lopez opened an academic oasis in Brownsville, Brooklyn, one of the most underserved and violent neighborhoods in all of New York City — because she believes in every child's brilliance and capabilities. In this short, energizing talk, the founding principal of Mott Hall Bridges Academy (and a star of Humans of New York) shares how she helps her scholars envision a brighter future for themselves and their families.

    Uploaded Aug 23, 2017