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About Our Complex

The moku of Wai’anae is one of six large land divisions on the island of O’ahu.  It is commonly referred to as the leeward coast and to others it is known as the “West Side”!  Wai’anae is further divided into eight smaller ‘ahupua’a; Nānākuli, Waiʻanae, Mākaha, Keaʻau, ʻŌhikilolo, Makua, Kahanahāiki, and Keawaʻula. 


It is known to be the drier side of the island and there are traditional stories of the humble people here having meager resources because of the lack of rain.  However, its reputation for hostility toward outsiders is not based in reality.  There is a humble pride in families here as well as true “aloha ‘aina” or love of the land, that in some cases, also house the bones of generations their ancestors.



 'ia no 'o Wai'anae

Wai’anae is much loved