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Induction and Mentoring


     The Induction and Mentoring program's mission is to support beginning teachers to be effective educators to allow our haumana to achieve, excel, and thrive.


     Our vision of teacher induction is that every beginning teacher will participate in a comprehensive three-year induction program. The program will engage beginning teachers in a system of support that includes working with a highly skilled, trained instructional mentor to accelerate teacher effectiveness and student learning. The induction program will also improve the retention of quality teachers in the profession and strengthen teacher leadership.

     Our broader vision of induction is the opportunity to do professional development in a way that supports teachers in an extended learning, job-embedded environment. It’s also a way to build collaborative learning communities for all educators and provide excellent teachers the opportunity to develop as educational leaders

Teacher Induction Program

       Approximately 30% of Hawai'i's teachers are in their first three years of teaching.  Of those beginning teachers, approximately 50% are starting the profession prior to their earning a professional teaching license. 

     In order to properly address the State of Hawai'i's strategic plan goals and positively impact the learning of all students, a quality induction program must be in place to provide appropriate support for instructional growth of all beginning teachers. 

     The induction program is be required to address these induction components as well as those outlined in the Hawaii Teacher Induction Program Standards:

  • A three-year comprehensive induction program for every beginning teacher; including intensive mentoring during the first two years
  • A system pairing each beginning teacher with a trained instructional mentor
  • A strictly observed maximum ratio of beginning teacher to full-released mentor of 15 to 1
  • A defined process and criteria for mentor selection
  • Ongoing research-based mentor training specifically designed for mentors of beginning teachers
  • Ongoing mentor support via mentor forums, peer coaching, and professional learning communities
  • Ongoing new teacher professional development and professional learning communities designed to meet the unique needs of the beginning teacher
  • A beginning teacher professional growth plan that addresses specific skill and content gaps
  • Induction program completion requirements for all beginning teachers
  • Data collection to assess implementation and impact for continuous program improvement 
Mentor Training: